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Capt. Hornstock brings in his old buddy, Butters in to help Det. Villa and Rosewood to solve the murder of another bounty hunter, Tex Bridgewaters. Butters helped trained Hornstock to become the Captain he is today. When quirkiness gets in the way, Villa wonders if he's working for or against them.

Villa reunites with her estranges mother. After spending numerous nights and money to stay in a Motel since her return to Miami, Villa needs a place to stay. She decides to return home to reconnect with her mother only to find out her mother hasn't given up her old ways and habits. Villa's mom still has regrets over her husband leaving her and the family. Villa assumes they her mother just doesn't understand her father the way she does. Her mom then tells her that she would often write letters portraying to be her father in order to make Villa's broken heart mend again.

Pippy has a revelation as to whether or not she's truly pursuing her dreams or just helping Rosewood fulfill his dreams. It is revealed to Tara that Pippy was once accepted to Juilliard but declined to attended. Rosewood helps Pippy realize if singing is truly her passion or if she enjoys being his toxicologist.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Stay down Butters! I knew it, I knew you played us.


A statewide hunt on Guzman's head and he steps into a police station?