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Det. Villa and Rosewood celebrate their nine month anniversary of being working partners. The duo attend a lavish celebration party with Joo Joo as their host.

The day after the party, things go wrong for Joo Joo when he realizes his friend, Miami socialite Holly is dead in his hotel bed. Since Joo Joo was the last person to see Holly alive, he's the prime suspect in her murder investigation.

Villa and Rosewood learn some interesting facts about Joo Joo's personal live. After years of being a professional football player, Joo Joo has sustained some serious injuries to his brain. It's part of the reason why he can't remember what happened the night of Holly's murder.

Rosewood continues to avoid his much needed appointment with Dr. Erica Kincaid because he has a crush on her.

TMI's and her mother, Mrs. Izikoff have a much needed reunion. The reunion doesn't last long after Mrs. Izikoff tries to bribe TMI with money to leave Pippy and Rosewood.

Villa finally moves into a place of her own and has a hard time adjusting. Rosewood rest assures Villa that she has nothing to worry about.

Hornstock questions if things between Villa and Rosewood are more than just professional.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I can say a lot of words to describe your new place, amazing isn't one of them.


Rosewood: Happy anniversary partner.
Villa: What anniversary?
Rosewood: Our nine month anniversary.