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A still–recovering Hank returns to HankMed full time after a six-month leave, forcing a concerned Evan to initiate a “Hank Watch” to ensure his brother’s continued recovery. His actions come at the expense of finding a house for himself and Paige, opting instead to stay in Boris’ old estate at Dmitri’s request.

Divya receives shocking news about the state of her health as she approaches the summer with a work-first attitude.

Hank struggles to reassert himself, even as he continues to suffer after effects from his craniotomy. He refuses to acknowledge any after effects and seeks out Hydrocodone to deal with the residual pain.

Jeremiah returns to the Hamptons to rejoin HankMed after a winter away, still carrying a torch for Divya.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Did she seriously try to Erin Brocovich us right now? Are we being Brocovich-ed?


Paige: You're worried about being separated from Hank while he's recovering.
Evan: You're saying I'm a HankWatch addict?
Paige: Yes.