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When the hospital is horribly short staffed, Hank offers to help work the ER. It’s the first time he’s done it in years. 

Lena ends up in the ER believing she has food poisoning but it turns out it’s complications to her pancreatitis. When no one can find her brothers and her aunt is out of state, Evan calls social services. Lena is angry and tries to leave against medical advice until Evan tells her how his own mother died after their father left. Evan says he’ll try and help her if he can. 

Jill returns and surprises Hank in the ER. She’s traveling with Dr. Hans DeGrew and the two are planning to head back to Africa to open more clinic. When Hans comes down with a fever, Evan quarantines him for possible ebola because he was recently in Sierra Leone. Hank tells Evan he’s being ridiculous even though he’s following protocol.

Turns out that Hans has strep which has infected a plate he has in his face, causing the skin around his eye to turn bright red. Hank is able to treat the infection but then chastises Evan for calling the quarantine. Evan is upset with Hank because he second guessed his decision in the middle of the ER and says that Hank also didn’t respect all of the work he put into HankMed. The two fight over Evan’s cell phone when he tries to take a call and Evan ends up hit in the eye and has a scratched cornea. He has to wear an eye patch. 

Hank admits that he misses having Evan at HankMed every day and he hopes that he’ll eventually have time to come back to it. 

Jill and Hans leave for Africa. Hank gives her a chaste kiss on the cheek and wishes her well, believing that she and Hans are a couple. Then Divya tells Hank that Hans is gay and Hank is left to look longingly after Jill’s taxi as it pulls away. 

Jeremiah sees Cindy Green as a patient who isn’t feeling well and has fractured her wrist. It turns out that she is the reclusive author of his favorite series of books, The Chronicle of Zall. The two find that they both tend to be most comfortable in their own little worlds, hers in her stories and he in the lab. 

Jeremiah offers to type her latest book for her until her wrist heals. He then diagnosis her with Cushing’s disease but says she’ll be fine after after a simple surgical procedure. The two of them dress up in costume and head to a panel in the park for the fans of her books where they blend into the crowd.  

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

You're Housecall Hank not Hospital Hank.


You'll end up where you're suppose to be, what matters is that you're taking the leap.