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- Olivia asks Fitz if he lied about Operation Remington and he refuses to answer.

- Cyrus catches Sally plotting against Fitz's campaign.

- Olivia decides OPA will back Josie Marcus.

- Cyrus tries to strongarm Harrison into making Liv work for the Fitz campaign.

- B613 has a hit out on Jake.

- Charlie returns with his sights set on Quinn.

- We see in flashbacks the day Olivia's mother was killed.

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

There’s probably only two people in this world who can tell me if this really happened. One of those people is my father and I can’t ask him because he’ll probably kill both of you or maybe even all three of us to teach me some kind of sick lesson. And the other is the President.


Stupid, super spies.