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On Scandal Season 4 Episode 16, Papa Pope pours wine for himself and Olivia. He wants his daughter's help shutting down David's case against B-613. He gives her 48 hours to figure out a way to end the case and leaves Russell sedated on her living room floor. 

The next day she goes immediately to David and they begin discussing strategy. She knows she will have to expose the President in order to take her father down and she's okay with that. 

At the White House, Fitz and his team works to get a piece of legislation known as the Brandon Bill, named after the boy killed by a DC police officer.. 

Marcus Walker runs for Mayor of DC. Olivia gets a call from him and they find him with the bloody body of the sitting mayor's wife. While he was hiding in a closet, he saw masked men stab her five times. Then he watched as they stole her diamonds. Quinn and Huck decide to turn her into a missing person.

Fitz sends Cyrus for Susan Ross' help getting their legislation passed but she's busy serving as a guest judge for a local school's Spelling Bee. Once they finally pull her out, she refuses to go to the Hill to talk to Congress until she's read all 1200 pages of the Brandon Bill in its current form. 

Marcus struggles with the realities of Olivia's job. Quinn and Huck perform a "fluff and fold" and stuff the Mayor's wife into a suitcase.

Abby takes heat in the press room over Susan's delay in voting. Cyrus tries to fetch her and she won't go until she gets answers to her questions about funding and training in the bill. Cyrus calls David for help when Susan asks to speak to someone from the Justice department. 

Quinn and Olivia watch the press conference about the mayor's wife's disappearance when Jake walks into OPA. He asks how she's doing and she asks if he's there to check up on her. He offers his services as a friendly ear should she need it while they go up against her father and asks if she would like to be present as he begins giving his testimony to David. Marcus calls Olivia from the police precinct.

Huck learns that Marcus' email was hacked and over 29 emails from were sent from inside the mayor's office to the mayor's wife's email from Marcus. He didn't send them, but they all wonder if he's being set up for her death. 

David enters the Oval office and tells Cyrus that he fed the pigeon, meaning he gave Susan an inch in her questioning about the Brandon Bill and she is now attempting to take a mile. 

Jake sits with David and begins testifying. David asks about Operation Remington, the operation which took down the civilian plane which Rowan used to cover up his wife's incarceration. David learns that Fitz was the pilot who crashed the plane. Olivia leaves the Justice department in a daze, her hands shaking again.

At home, she pours wine and calls Russell. He doesn't believe her story about their drunken night which she tried to use to cover for the fact that her father drugged him. She asks him to call her Alex because that's less complicated.

Mellie visits Susan to hurry her along and finds that Susan will not let go of her questions in order to vote. At OPA the team watches the news and finds at least one of the men who attacked the mayor's wife. In order to get justice, Marcus has to tank his own career. If he wants his career, he can't have justice.

Marcus chooses his career and Olivia works out an agreement between the two men. When he steps to the podium to deliver his statement, Marcus changes his tune. 

When Fitz attempts to push Susan to vote on the bill, she pushes back against even him. They work together to improve it and announce Mellie's Senate run to change the media's story.

Olivia waits for Marcus outside the police station and reassures him that he did the right thing as they step out before the press. Olivia meets with Rowan to tell him that she has chosen a side and it isn't his.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

I know you, because the apple does not fall far from the tree, Olivia, poison though it may be.


[to Olivia] It is your friends who do not know you, but I do. You are a warrior -- never reckless, never naive. Too smart to let fear drive you. Precise, quiet, calculating, you will wait for the right time, you will look at all the possible outcomes, you will understand what needs to be done.