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Abby and Leo begin Scandal Season 4 Episode 16 with an argument. He's one of the subjects in a sexy tell-all a girl (Lena Dunham) is planning to publish once she finds a house to take the book. Abby goes to Olivia for help handling the scandal and reveals to her best friend that she's been sleeping with Leo, Olivia's competition. Abby needs Olivia's help so that she doesn't becoming a laughingstock in the White House Press Room.

Olivia visits Suzanne Thomas, the girl who wrote the book, and Suzanne thinks Olivia is there to be her publicist. Olivia, obviously, is not. She tells Sue to delete the book after asking if she's the kind of person who wants to ruin the lives of the subjects of her tell-all by writing about their consensual exploits. Olivia leaves believing the situation is handled.

Huck meets with David demanding immunity as they move forward with their plan to dismantle and prosecute B613. When Huck returns to the office, he tells Quinn he's been to the dentist. Then Sue Thomas walks in demanding $3 million in exchange for not publishing her book.

Mellie enters the Oval and tells Cyrus and Abby that she's running for Senator of Virginia and wants Leo Bergen to be her campaign manager.  Abby says he's out of the country. 

At OPA, Huck and Quinn get busy trying to find the names of the men Sue's book is about, but because she rarely leaves her apartment, they need to set her up on a date. Enter Charlie who agrees to help with their operation.

Olivia pours herself wine while Jake checks in with Fitz about her. The two men are concerned about her safety both mental and physical.

The next morning, Huck, Abby, Quinn, and Olivia pour over the pages in Sue's book attempting to decipher the names of the men with whom Sue slept so they can extort money from them. They get to the last name, "The Doctor," and Abby holds the key. Sue slept with David Rosen.

Cyrus visits Lizzie while her daughter plays on the playground. He needs votes for Fitz' legislation and he knows Lizzie can get them.

Olivia assembles the men from Sue's book and tells them it will take $175,000 from each of them to meet Sue's demands. Leo repeatedly chants that he's in and eventually all the men except one raise their hands agreeing to pay up. David is the holdout.

David and Huck meet in secret and David tells Huck he can't have immunity because if the book comes out he'll be a joke and his career will be over. Quinn follows Huck and confronts him after the meeting. He's worried that the next attorney general will find the files and pursue the case against B613 and he'll end up in prison.

Abby works on her computer while Leo exercises seemingly unconcerned that the book will likely be coming out. She tells him she's writing a resignation letter and then goes into a scathing monologue of all the ways the media reports differently on men and women in positions of power. 

Olivia agrees with David that paying Sue off was never the right move. They decide to get to know Sue better in order to find out if there's a way to prevent her from releasing the book.

At home, Olivia reads the manuscript then gets dressed and goes to a bar where she plans to pick up a man for sex. When she goes to the restroom to freshen up, she has a panic attack and flashbacks to the bathroom in her cell during her kidnapping. She leaves the restaurant through the kitchen while her date pays the tab.

Huck learns that Sue was fired because she wouldn't have sex with her boss. Sue becomes Olivia's client. 

Cyrus and Olivia meet and he brings Olivia $3 million in cash to pay for Abby's issue. When he tries to tell Olivia stories about what's going on at the White House, she tells him she's moving forward.

Lizzie visits with Mellie and comes in with a plan to get Mellie elected Senator of Virginia. She reminds Mellie of the secrets she knows and says that what Mellie needs is an ally.

Quinn and Huck stop by Sue's apartment to have her statement signed and find one of her aggressors holding her captive and threatening to kill her. When they run the man out, Huck kills her so she can't talk and ruin the B613 case and David Rosen's life. Quinn covers for Huck and delivers both the manuscript and the jump drive to Olivia.

Huck visits David Rosen to sign his immunity agreement and David begins discussing Sue Thomas' death. While David talks about his guilt and how he feels he had a hand in her murder, Huck signs his agreement. 

Olivia goes back to the bar and takes home a man named Russell. Jake reports to Fitz that there's nothing to report about Olivia's mental state.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Mellie: I'm running for Senator of Virginia.
Abby: Well, that's...history making. Good for you. Good for Virginia, ma'am.
Cyrus: You think so, Red?

Huck: Where's Jake?
David: It's just the two of us. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. You can be Newman. I'm fine with Redford.