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In the two months since Olivia and Jake left Washington, D.C. to stand in the sun, everything has changed for those they left behind. 

Scandal season 4 opens with Jake and Olivia, using assumed names, living on a remote island off the coast of Zanzibar. A mysterious letter arrives in one of their supply shipments which contains a newspaper clipping that lures Olivia Pope home. Jake accompanies her to D.C. and while there, Olivia learns that OPA is no more.

Fitz is campaigning across the aisles and causing trouble within his party. Cyrus and Abby do their best to manage the White House while Mellie deals with her grief by refusing to attend to any of the duties of the First Lady. David Rosen is nominated to become the next Attorney General.

While planning Harrison's funeral, Olivia meets her father for dinner. Rowan Pope says he had nothing to do with Harrison's death but Jake sees him at the cemetery when Olivia, Abby, Quinn, and Huck bury Harrison.

Olivia receives a call from a Senator which causes her to stay in D.C. She inadvertently helps Fitz' efforts to pass a bipartisan bill while simultaneously helping her client.

Fitz and Olivia see each other, briefly, in the Capitol. 

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

'We'? We're not a team, Liv. You're just Olivia Pope. There is no 'And Associates.' Not anymore.


Do you need to validate your broomstick or can you find your way out on your own?