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Quinn asked Olivia for help but maintained that she was not making up with her for her sins. Olivia agreed, and had everyone turn to Mellie. 

Mellie was not ready to let anyone change her mind about the whole thing because she was under the impression that Olivia was trying her best to get back inside the oval. 

Lonnie told Charlie that he was to sign a confession saying that Mellie was the one who had him perform the hack on Air Force Two, but he declined. 

Cyrus turned to Quinn to get her to get her man to do it, but Olivia stepped in. 

Quinn essentially said she did not care about the president so long as she got her man back. 

Cyrus turned to Jake and asked him to join forces with him, and he agreed. Mellie was blindsided when Jake iced her out. 

But Mellie turned to Olivia after having a chat (and some sex!) with Marcus. 

She asked Olivia to kill Cyrus. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

We have a common Enemy. And whatever our differences, we put it aside for now.


B613 no longer serves you.