Watch Scandal online now to see just how much hope there is for Olivia and Fitz. Quinn continues looking into Jeremy Winslow and the folder.

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After Olivia tells Fitz there is hope, he is encouraged to call her nightly. Eventually, she asks about Jake and demands to see him. Watch Scandal online now to see how that conversation ended!

Huck continues to reach out to his son through video games not knowing that the boy has inherited his father's skill with computers.

Quinn continues looking into the Winslow case and tries to get answers from Jeremy Winslow about why his daughter was killed over a folder of photographs. When she presses him for an answer, he commits suicide in front of her, but only after warning her that they "can't stop what's coming."

After a U.S. Senator is forced to resign following a leaked sex tape, Abby's ex-husband, Chip Putney, receives the President's nomination. Abby fears he'll be elected and turns to Olivia for help. Olivia takes on the campaign of Chip's opponent while Leo Bergen manages Putney's.

When Leo learns that his client is a monster, he tanks Putney's campaign and later shares a moment with Abby where he acknowledges his betrayal.

Cyrus learns that Michael is the source of the White House information leak.

Episode Details

Olivia seeks out Tom for information on Scandal Season 4 Episode 7. Elsewhere during the hour, Huck continues to play with fire. Will he ge burned?

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Abby: I cannot cry in the White House.
Olivia: You can cry if you want to.
Abby: Press secretaries can't cry! It's, like, a rule!

Fitz: Can we think about finding a way to spend time together now that there's...hope?
Olivia: Well, it depends.