Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 17 online to learn the history behind Olivia's ring and why the name "Sweet Baby" was so important to them.

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Cyrus gets married on Scandal Season 4 Episode 17, but it isn't without a heaping share of drama. Watch Scandal online to see flashbacks of Cyrus' first two marriages complete with James Novak sightings!

When images of Michael, drunk and hooking up with someone in a bar, surface on social media, Olivia and the team assemble to save Cyrus' image and that of the White House. Olivia pitches the idea to Mellie to host the wedding at the White House so that she can use it as leverage for her campaign. Mellie agrees with the idea, much to the chagrin of Elizabeth North. Sally Langston gets information about Cyrus' impending wedding which she uses as fodder for her talk show. She learns that Michael has been having an affair with a man named Phillip Reed and invites him to her show planning to expose Cyrus as a fraud. Olivia tries to get Sally to back off by offering her the Secretary of State office and when that doesn't work, they use Daniel Douglas' proclivities against her. Cyrus has a change of heart about Michael after meeting his betrothed's parents, a homophobic midwestern couple who hate their son.

Episode Details

On Scandal Season 4 Episode 17, Michael gets himself in a bad situation, prompting the Gladiators to launch into damage control and pressure Cyrus to move up the wedding.

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