Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 online now to find out what happens when Olivia returns to work for the first time after her kidnapping.

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Olivia Pope returns to work on Scandal Season 4 Episode 14. Watch Scandal online to see a sweet conversation between Olivia and Jake at the beginning of the episode, before things went haywire at the crime scene.

When a black teenager is shot by an officer, the chief calls Olivia for help in handling the press. Shortly after she arrives, the boy's father shows up, fires a gun into the air, and then demands to see the officer who shot his son. Olivia keeps the police from shooting him in front of a crowd of witnesses and then works to get to the bottom of what happened to his son. She calls in favors from David to make it happen and relies on help from Quinn and Huck, whom Jake thinks should not have let her return to work so soon.

At the White House, Fitz and Cyrus discuss who would be best to replace Andrew. Fitz makes a few suggestions and Cyrus shoots them both down saying they're too old and weak to make a good VP. Mellie comes up with a real winner for him and Fitz, knowing it's Mellie's turn next, goes along with the plan.

Episode Details

On Scandal Season 4 Episode 14, a tragedy in DC draws national attention, while the White House deals with their own problem... in the form of the Vice President.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Marcus: Help us get justice.
Olivia: You don't want justice. You want anger. You want outrage. You want retribution.
Marcus: You're right. I do. So should you.

There is a dead child lying in the street in front of their homes. What would you do if there was a dead child, a child you knew, in front of your home? The fact that they stand in groups and say things you do not like does not make them a mob. It makes them Americans.