Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 22 online to see how Olivia Pope finally manages to take down Command! It's like nothing you thought possible!

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Olivia Pope and her associates take down Command on Scandal Season 4 Episode 22. Watch Scandal online now to find out how she and her team managed to best her father at his own game.

Rowan shows Mellie a folder containing information he can use to blackmail her should she refuse his request for a list of names. He doesn't tell her that the list of names he wants are the identities of the 16 jurors David Rosen has convened for the grand jury in his case to take down B613. She learns that when she sees the story break on the news and she and Lizzie figure out that Rowan is more than just a campaign donor. Mellie tells Cyrus what she did and he doesn't want to help her until she mentions Remington.

Cyrus sets a plan in motion that will help Rowan Pope and protect the White House assuming Fitz never finds out about what he's doing. It involves freeing Maya Pope from prison and putting Olivia and Jake in jail.

Mellie is elected Senator of Virginia and just before Fitz is welcomed on stage with her, Liz North spills the beans.

Jake Ballard says goodbye.

Episode Details

Olivia and the Gladiators make major moves to take down Command on Scandal Season 4 Episode 22. Mellie's fate is also sealed when it comes to the election.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Olivia: I'm proud of you.
Fitz: Liv...I'm grateful. Thank you.
Olivia: Goodbye, Fitz.

We have one goal. To bring down my father and to shut down B613 for good. To do what is right. So you tell the truth and you tell the whole truth. No matter what happens. No matter who gets hurt.