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The three Green Meanies -- Cassidy, Hoffel, and Wes -- separately chase down the Chanels while the girls are working night shift. In the confusion, the Chanels get away. Hester calls a Green Meanie summit in order for them to suss out who killed who and who gets to kills the remaining Chanels. It is established that Cassidy killed the majority of the victims, while Wes killed Sheila, Chamberlain, and Chad Radwell and attacked #5 and Denise Hemphill, and Hoffel killed Chanels 9 and 10 and reporter Slade.

Cassidy insists on "taking care of" #3 (because he loves her and doesn't want to kill her), but the others make him promise to kill her. Wes and Hoffel duke it out over who gets to kill Chanel. Hoffel is awarded the privilege of doing Chanel in, much to Wes' chagrin. Wes is tasked with killing the rest of the Chanels (except for #3, who goes to Cassidy). Later, Wes kills Chanel #7 by strangling her.

#3 thanks Cassidy for saving her from the other Green Meanie and insists on going with him to his mother's house to convince her to let Cassidy stop serial killing. Cassidy reluctantly agrees. Zayday, meanwhile, is still trapped in Jane's secret dungeon, screaming for rescue to no avail. When she hears Cassidy and #3 arrive to visit Jane, she realizes that Cassidy is the 1985 baby in the belly. Cassidy is forced to choose between #3 and his mother, and chooses his mother/to continue killing. After #3 leaves, Jane comforts her son and tells him that #3 will have to die.

Elsewhere, Holt cannot stop trying to strangle Chanel and wonders how it is possible that he is still trying to murder when his murderer-hand has been replaced with a new, not-murderer's hand. He consults with Hester, who suggests that perhaps he truly does want to murder deep down and that he should embrace it. She also suggests that he should be with someone who shares his interests, coming on to him strongly, and they hook up.

The Chanels are invited by Dr. Scarlett Lovin (a former Kappa and TV doctor who hosts daytime talk show "Lovin the D") to appear on her show assisting Brock Holt as he performs a live surgery on air. The Chanels are ecstatic but are informed that first they need to take the MCAT in order to pass muster for the production company as "real" med students. In the end, all three Chanels pass -- with Holt and Cassidy having assisted Chanel and #3 in cheating on the exam, and #5 having earned a near-perfect score on her own merits. 

Wes approaches Cassidy about teaming up against Hoffel -- he intends to kill Chanel himself and then have them both frame Hoffel for all the murders, so they can get away with it. To that end, Wes poisons Chanel's coffee cup right before the on air surgery. Unfortunately, Scarlett Lovin drinks the coffee mistakenly and dies instantly. The Chanels step in to replace Scarlett during the show and impress the producer, who reveals that no one really liked Scarlett and that they weren't surprised she was killed. The producer offers the Chanels their own show, to which they ecstatically agree. Hoffel fumes in the background.

Angry at Wes for his interference, Hoffel and Cassidy corner Wes near a vat of boiling peanut oil (which Hoffel previously tried to use to kill Chanel, to no avail), intending to show everyone that the Green Meanie is dead and lull them into a false sense of security. Wes realizes they're going to kill him and says his last word ("Playlist") before voluntarily allowing himself to fall backwards into the vat, where he dies. 

Dean Munsch and the editor who has been investigating the charges Slade brought up against the hospital stumble upon Wes' body. Munsch immediately passes out on the spot. When she awakens in her hospital bed, everyone is standing over her. They mention that they're pretty sure Zayday is missing and question that Munsch has now passed out more than once. Munsch reveals to the shocked group that she has the terminal condition Kuru and will be dead within a month. 

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Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Whoa. That's a lot of tumor. Right, America?

Chanel #3 [into the camera]

Chanel #5 [crying]: I'm a genius and nobody cares.
Chanel: Damn it, Number 5, shut up!