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Valentine wants to free himself from Magnus's body. Azazel offers to free him if he hands over the Mortal Cup. The Cup is hiding in a place that will kill anyone with demon blood.

Simon is paranoid and believes Raphael is near. He leaves bed to attack a sound.

Izzy brings Sebastian to the Institute to help with defeating Azazel. There's only one way to kill the demon and it requires a precise attack. Alec refuses to let Sebastian help in the fight.

Valentine can't figure out how to portal to the Cup's location. Alec, after getting a brush-off phone call, goes to visit Magnus and discovers Azazel. He fires his bow and the arrow kills the demon.

Clary and Jace agree to angel blood testing with the Clave.

Valentine (posing as Magnus) asks Dot to train him as a wizard.  He's lying to her to get some specific spells.

Simon asks Izzy for help in his Raphael situation.

Magnus tries to convince Alec that he's trapped in Valentine's body. Alec doesn't believe him and gets angry.

Clary and Jace spar in front of the Inquisitor. While Jace's rune starts glowing, Clary is unable to channel her sun rune.

Isabelle takes Simon to Raphael's elderly sister. She uses a photo of them as bait/leverage against Raphael.

While Jace convinces Alec to not believe "Valentine", "Magnus" goes to visit "Valentine" to get his body back. The wards set up in the prison prevent him from taking the prisoner.

The Inquisitor doesn't believe Magnus's innocence. She sentences him to execution.

Sebastian believes that Jace being revealed as not being related to Clary is the reason she's lost her ability. Her sadness at losing another family member is clouding her powers.

Isabelle reveals to Simon that Jace isn't related to Clary.

Raphael and the vampires come to kill Simon, but Luke saves his life. Simon reveals his Daylighter power to them and leaves the vampires stunned.

Valentine traps Jace and uses him as bait to get his body back. It's revealed that the Inquisitor is Jace's grandmother.

Magnus and Valentine perform a spell to switch back into their own bodies.

Sebastian teaches Clary to channel her emotions into powering her runes. She captures Valentine and teleports him back to the prison.

Isabelle is going to attend self-help groups.

Sebastian asks Clary out for dinner, but she turns him down.

The Inquisitor gives Jace a ring from his Herondale heritage.

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Simon: Why didn't you tell me? I found out Jace isn't your brother. I was thinking maybe that the reason you didn't tell me is because there's still a thing. So that he's not your big brother...
Clary: No, no, Simon. Okay, look, the reason I didn't tell you is I didn't want you to worry and spin, and instead all I made you do is worry and spin. I'm so sorry.
[They get close]
Simon: So we're good?
Clary: I'm not that easy to get rid of.
[They laugh]

Alec: Magnus, I'm so sorry. For everything you've had to go through.
Magnus: That agony rune...made me relive memories I've spent centuries trying to forget.
Alec: Magnus, tell me how to fix this. Tell me what to do, please.