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Fiona turned to Margo for assistance with the tenants causing her trouble. Margo said she needed to flash cash in their faces, and coerce them into taking it and signing a deal. 

This worked, and Fiona managed to get rid of them. But it came at a cost: She was $4000 out of pocket and she had to agree to give them $500 per month for a year. 

Lip and Sierra were going smoothly, but Lip realized he was not ready to say he loved her back, and decided to end their relationship. 

However, he continued to help Xan and took her under his wing when Eddie skipped town because Xan's mother refused to come home. 

Ian was on the run from the law, and decided to take one last stand in order to get results. This resulted in him being arrested along with those who were part of his fight. 

Kassidi tied Carl to the bed with the aim of preventing him from going to military school, but he made a swift getaway in time when he woke up and the cuffs were off. 

Also, Frank tried to get Liam to give him the details to rob his friend's house, but Liam played Frank, and he was sent on a wild goose chase that meant he had to run from the police. 

Finally, Svetlana got married to the elderly man, but she did not know there was a prenup in place. 

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Lawyer: They are prepared to settle, but they want Sparkles back.
Fiona: My dog?!

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Kassidi: Do you love?
[Handcuffs Carl to the bed.]
Kassidi: Whoa! What the hell?