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Frank was shocked when Liam scored 2 out of 10 in his exam, but he countered that the school was restricting his studies by going to all of those measures to say they are inclusive. 

In the end, the school took note and changed the regulations. 

Meanwhile, Fiona tried to improve the neighborhood by trying to get two artists to buy the church and make a gallery. 

However, Ian tried to get it for the homeless kids and went on a mission to help Elliot get it. 

It resulted in Ian and Fiona arguing in the street and Fiona admitting that she thought the kids were trouble. Ian stormed off. 

Svetlana seduced V and managed to get her to admit that it was time for her to get 50 percent of the profits. 

When the family looked through the contracts, Svetlana seduced V again and won. 

Carl rehabilitated the junkie who was stealing stuff in the neighborhood, and the man paid him to save his girlfriend. 

Debbie was shocked when Derek returned and ran off with Frannie and got high on drugs. 

Lip's sponsor returned to the drink and went missing.  

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

You're really nice when you need something. I want you to grovel.


Principal: Mr. Gallagher, a word. Liam failed his exam today. He only got two out of ten questions correct.
Liam: I didn't understand the questions.
Frank: What kind of questions are we talking?
Principal: Basic word association.