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Bob Lee shakes down Bama's men hoping to get a lead on where Junior is. He is led to the Alpha Dogs, a white supremacist fraternity. He's unaware that Bama is sending him on a wild goose chase that will eventually lead to him. Julie is upset that Bob Lee should rather focus on his vendetta and not planning Sam's funeral. She confronts him about bailing on his family and never being around or mentally present when he is around. Isaac talks about getting to Brooks. They figure they can get to Gold the Chief of Staff instead. They set up a meeting with Gold to figure out more about the attack on DC. Carlita wanna them that it is probably a trap. Bob Lee is more focused on going to the primary sector of the Alpha Dogs and knows that Atlas funded all these alt right groups. Carlita's former colleague meets with Bama and tells him he's close to getting the card. He then meets with Carlita and warns her that if she doesn't have it he'll have to kill her. Bob Lee goes to the Alpha house in search of junior. If he fights their reigning champion he's told he'll face off against Junior. Bob Lee buys it and has to fight Nathon who plays dirty using menthol on his gloves. Only after Bob Lee wins does he realize he was sent around just to waste time and be distracted. While there he discovers explosive tiki torches and realizes they are planning something big. Nadine and Isaac meet up to put pressure on Gold. He tried to have them killed as it was a trap. Isaac kills Gold and Isaac kills him when Gold brings up Isaac's wife. Bob Lee is blackbagged and Bama tortures him. He tells Bob Lee that he didn't kill his father and that he did kill his son. He dislocated Bob Lee's shoulder. Nadine and Isaac rescue him and Bama gets away. The explosives have disappeared. Carlita drugs Harris and takes the card. She gives it to Atlas. Her friend arranges for her to meet Russo. After getting bandaged ho Bob Lee calls Julie to tell her he's probably going to miss Sam's funeral. After talking to her sister and taking her advice, Julie gives Bob Lee an ultimatum. She tells him not to come home until he's ready to put their family first.
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Shooter Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Nadine: What are we gonna do about Bob Lee?
Isaac: Let him do what he's going to do.

Harris: You guys are talking about blackmailing a Supreme Court nominee.
Nadine: You want to help, or do you want to keep asking questions?
Harris: Technically, I can do both.