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Bob Lee talks to Red Bama and demands to know why Atlas is after Harris. Red Bama suggests that Earl had an affair with Edie Poole and that a Poole is probably the one who killed Earl. 

Bob Lee asks Sam about the rumor and Sam all but confirms it and agrees that another Poole probably shot Earl. Bob Lee gets Harris ready and is supposed to take him to the bus station and send him away for his own safety. Harris wants a gun, but Bob Lee gives him pepper spray instead. 

Bob Lee goes to talk to the Pooles. He's tased and tied to a chair. They think he's about to blow them in for their drug operation. The young girl who helped him last time helps him again and he makes everyone swear not to touch her ever again when he catches them hitting her. She leaves a paper giving him a clue about Edie. 

Bob Lee heads to the feed store that was the clue he received, and he remembers when his father took him to Edie's as a child. 

Isaac and Nadine get word on an Atlas target. They snatch up and rescue, Lee, a target. Isaac interrogates them to figure out what Atlas has planned. Isaac wants the information from the man about where some explosives are going to be. Isaac throws him over the balcony when it's done. 

Nadine doesn't get there in time to help Harris and overhears on the phone when he's taken. She calls Bob Lee and Isaac to Oklahoma for a rescue mission. Isaac reveals that he knows where Red Bama (who has taken Harris) is being held because it's the same place in the mines that he went to with Meachum.

Red Bama wants the contents of Addison Hayes' safe, the decryption to a cellphone, and for Harris to work with him. 

Julie goes to see Edie and speaks to her about her past with Earl and their affair. 

Isaac, Bob Lee, and Nadine form a plan and go to rescue Harris. They are just starting to cart Harris away when Red Bama feels he isn't giving him any information. They take him down into a mine to kill him. Bob Lee takes all the guys out and when they alert Red Bama that Bob Lee is there, he tells them to blow up the mine. 

Harris and Bob Lee find another exit  and narrowly escape being blown up. 

Julie gives Bob Lee some letters that Edie and Earl wrote to one another. 

Harris tells Isaac and Nadine about Red Bama looking for decryption for the god box. Isaac realizes that what Red Bama was looking for was probably in the safe, but Gregson has it. 

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm not in the business of saving lives, Nadine. I'll leave that to you and Swagger.


Thank you for the clothes. I will mail them to you once I wash the fear out of them.