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Lydia throws up in Nate’s laundry basket on Wash and Dry Wednesday. She thinks that last night’s dinner didn’t agree with her. Nate jokes that it’s either that or she’s pregnant. She takes a test and it turns positive but it’s an old test. She swears Nate to secrecy until she can be certain. Nate says he can’t keep a secret from Jimmy but Lydia holds his childhood Teddy Bear, named Andy Rooney, hostage, threatening to rip its head off if Nate spills the beans. 

Nate tries to keep Lydia’s secret but Jimmy knows he’s hiding something. Nate does the Jack Nicholson eyebrow when he lies. Lydia takes multiple home tests which all turn out positive but she wants to wait until she sees her OBGYN the next day before she tells Jimmy. 

Harrison bursts in. He’s not signing the divorce papers but he will return his key, while making himself a sandwich in Lydia’s kitchen. Lydia gives the key to Jimmy who gives her a thumb ring in return. He got it from an indigenous man in Machu Picchu. 

When Lydia leaves the room, Harrison tells Jimmy that he was lying about blessing their union. He knows better than to tell a woman what to do and he knows that, just like when he goes to a ballet, Jimmy and Lydia’s relationship will eventually end and he will be there to pick up the pieces. 

Jimmy thinks that Nate’s secret is that he has herpes. Lydia goes along with it to keep her secret. Jimmy tells Sam and the two bring him pamphlets. Nate loses it and blurts out that his mother is pregnant in front of Jimmy, Sam and Harrison. 

Harrison and Jimmy run to Lydia’s OBGYN to find out if she’s really pregnant and walk in on her exam. Later, in the waiting area, Lydia tells Harrison that this is none his business. She apologizes to Jimmy for not telling him sooner. Jimmy tells her he can handle a baby as long as they’re in this together. 

In the end, it was a false positive and Lydia isn’t pregnant after all. 

Significant Mother
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Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Because I'd like to be sure when I tell my 26-year-old boyfriend he's about to be a father. I don't want to freak him out for nothing.


I would never miss Wash and Dry Wednesday with you. That's our thing?