A Seal - SIX
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Opens with Ronald Reagan and other presidents talking about SEALs, Includes a montage of SEALs doing their work.

We're in Afghanistan on a mission in 2014. A man is down on the ground while fighting is occurring all around him. 

It's very real. The SEALs come in and start kicking ass. A helicopter comes to take care of business. A girl is crying in a truck that she got shot and some soldiers are going to help  her, but then the truck blows up killing her and the soldiers.

The team is back at base. Rip calls the team to talk about a Taliban guy they picked up. They're going on a mission to take out this guy.

Bear tells Rip his wife is expecting and asks him to be godfather which Rip readily accepts.

The team is on a night mission and run into some trouble. They killed the wrong family. Rip cuts off the scalp of one of the guys.  There is a runner. They guys are now engaged in serious firefight.

They pull an American looking for the bad guy. He's trying to convince them to let him home, but Rip kills both of the prisoner. This guy Rip  is a little over the top.

Like WTF. Caulder questions it, but Bear sticks with Rip's decision.

Two years later at Virginia Beach. Seal Team Six Command.

The guys come back from swimming.  There's a new guy to the team. He's serving them all at the bar. They're giving him a hard time.

Rip is in Nigeria on a job. Buddha is at his daughters quinceanera. The rest of the guys are there. His wife is upset that he didn't tell the guys he was leaving SEALs, so then he does.

Rip is being a bastard to a teacher when he hears something and orders the girls inside. They are attacked by a group of soldiers. More of them than there are of Rip's people. It's Boko Haram. 

The new guy is being trained, but he's being a cocky bastard.

Bear is not happy that Buddha is leaving. Caulder is trying to be the neutral one.

They are all in a meeting when they found out that Rip's been kidnapped by Boko Haram. Commander puts the team on th emission to retrieve Rip.

Bear is with his wife talking about the daughter they lost and about having another baby. Caulder confronts Bear about attacking him at SEAL headquarters.

In Nigeria, Rip and the teacher are being taken from "jail". Rip watches as the teacher fight her way out of getting raped.

Buddha gets a visit from Bear as he's getting ready to go job interview. Bear wants him to stay in the SEALs until they get Rip out.

The guys are getting ready to go to Nigeria. Buddha is going to join him. His wife is not happy about his leaving, but he leaves anyway and goes on the plane.









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SIX Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It's Red Bull for taco heads.


Are we going to do this, or we just going to talk about it?