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- Derek and Jimmy are at odds over the vision for The Hit List. Both men are also torn over Karen, while she is interested in Jimmy.

- Tom runs into difficulties in his new role of Director. He wants everyone to like him and have a collaborative management style.

- Julia brings Tom to see Derek to find out how to be a better director. They both help each other. Tom reminds Derek of his beginning and that he should trust Jimmy. And, Derek tells Tom he needs to stop worrying about being liked. 

- Julia apologizes to Scott for ditching him and hurting his career 15 years before.

- Karen tells Jimmy how she feels and he shows up at her apartment. They hook up.

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Smash Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

The show doesn't need opening up. It needs to be true to what it is.


No, no. I'm pretty sure his connection to you is special.