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In the Drawers, Layton has visions of Nikki singing and flashes of memories of ending the Kill Cult terror in The Tail.

Meanwhile, Miss Audrey sends a Night Car staff member to hijack a cart of food headed to First Class.

LJ tries to talk to Roche while she's in her cell. Her parents arrive to take her home to await her trial by tribunal. Roche warns Cavill that Third will revolt if LJ is acquitted.

Astrid sends another message to The Tail, calling for Josie to meet her uptrain immediately.

Jinju and Till make their relationship official and Till moves up to Second.

In the Folgers' carriage, Lilah wants to prep LJ for the trial. LJ asks for a comfort item, her father's glass eye, which she puts in her mouth and puppets until her mother demands that she take the situation seriously.

Ruth instructs Tristan to set up the tribunal in the Dining Car once everyone has left. Audrey's staff member enters and delivers a covered dish to First Class passenger, Sharma. The tray contains feces crawling with cockroaches.

Cavill pays Audrey a visit in the Night Car. Audrey demands a new tribunal be drawn with a representative from every class, including Third, and for a delegation from Third to be allowed to attend the trial.

Cavill meets with Jinju and Klimpt to review how Nikki was recovering from suspension before she was murdered. Klimpt recommends a much slower reviving for future Sleepers.

Cavill discusses the situation with Javi and Bennett. Getting Bennett on his own, they have sex and then discuss her stress levels.

Josie heads uptrain with Sanitation.

Cavill draws a new tribunal.

Astrid meets Josie in the break room and switches places so Josie can find Terence and get into the Drawers to find Layton.

Till and Osweiller herd the Third Class delegation to the trial. The Folgers worry about the new tribunal.

Layton dreams of the kill cult days in The Tail and killing the leader.

Josie finds Terence and he takes her to The Drawers.

The head families from First speak with Commander Grey about taking over the governance of the train. Colvin reports to Cavill about the plans.

The Folgers prepare for the trial. In the Dining Car, Ruth calls the tribunal to order, states the charges, and begins the process.

The trial's testimony is broadcast over the train's PA system for all to hear.

Roche testifies that they found the victims' severed penises in LJ's jewelry box.

The coroner testifies that Sean Wise was alive when his genitals were chopped off.

Jinju testifies that Erik was controlled by thoughts of LJ even when he held Jinju hostage.

Miss Audrey speaks on behalf of Nikki in an empassioned speech about the injustices Third has grown to know, demanding justice for Nikki.

Terence and Annie help Josie get into the Drawers Car but then leave her to find Layton on her own while they steal the supplies needed to manufacture Kronole. Josie finds supplies for The Tail then begins searching the Drawers, one by one, when Terence and Annie leave with what they came for.

Melanie tries to reason with Lilah. Lilah responds with the story of how Robert lost his eye when a seven-year-old LJ struck him with a fork.

LJ takes the stand and blames everything on Erik. She also reveals that Sean Wise admitted to being an informant for Mr. Wilford, and that there were secrets destroying the train.

Josie finds children from The Tail in The Drawers when looking for Layton.

While the tribunal deliberates on the verdict, Cavill and Jinju discuss LJ's testimony and Cavill sends a message to the Engine. Javi gets to it first and is upset by the instructions.

Josie disconnects Layton's tubes and he revives violently.

Outside, Till and Osweiller notice the door to The Drawer held open. When they investigate Layton's drawer is slightly open and they find Josie inside with Layton. Osweiller starts beating Josie but Till knocks him out. Till helps Josie move Layton to Zarah's quarters in the Chains.

The tribunal find LJ guilty but Cavill's instructions as Wilford are sent down from the Engine and the sentence is commuted, inciting the ire of the delegation from Third.

Josie leaves Layton with Zarah and rushes to switch back with Astrid.

Cavill speaks with LJ before releasing her and LJ indicates that Mr. Wilford's secrets are safe with her.

Till returns to the Drawers to find Osweiller gone.

Coming out of suspension, Layton relives the day he and the other Tailies ate the heart of the kill cult leader.

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Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

We didn't come this far, suffer this much, to give in to the same tyranny that destroyed us in the first place. Even on a frozen, dead planet, humanity needs hope.

Miss Audrey

I see now that as the Freeze killed everyone I ever knew, I mistook my ticket to survival for freedom. But Justice never boarded and Wilford doubled down, with a Jackboot on our throats and a fat finger on the scales.

Miss Audrey