On Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 3, Layton tracks down the killer through the Black Market while Cavill and Ruth plan a distraction for the First Class passengers.

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Commodities on Snowpiercer are bartered and an implanted chip can provide the possessor access to many of the train's cars otherwise off-limits.
Layton dreams of the day Zarah left The Tail but is rudely awakened when he is dragged to Cavill's office. She and Roche deny him access to Nikki but disclose that Sean was looking for a source for a drug called Kronole when he died.
When Cavill addresses the staff, she announces that the planned Fight Night will be moved up as a distraction for the passengers.
Jinju and Till are in a relationship and Jinju lets slip that Nikki is conscious. Till gets Layton and they head to the Medical Car to see Nikki. Jinju gives Cavill a heads up and she interrupts the examination. Layton points out that Nikki's symptoms look like Kronole withdrawal and Dr. Klimpt admits he's been selling some of the suspension drug for supplies and that Kronole is probably made from that.
Layton finds a bag of Miles' hair and gets upset until Cavill informs him that Miles made apprentice. He goes to the classroom and talks with Miles.
At Fight Night, Layton meets with Terence, the Head Janitor, and gets information about a man who was with Sean the night he died and trades for the chip. He passes the chip to Josie through a kiss.
Nikki is conscious enough to make her way to the Fight Night but Till gets her back to the Medical Car. LJ Folger's bodyguard, Erik, arrives and kills the guard and medic on duty so he can talk to Nikki.

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On Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 3, Layton and Till look for the killer in the train's black market while Cavill tries to distract the train's residents with a prize fight

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Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

People avoid me because I care for the Sleepers. But that's my value, how I open doors and live in Second. I can trade for things while the weakest can only trade their carbon for compost.

Dr. Klimpt

You'd think loneliness would be impossible all crammed in here. But this train was designed to separate us from our possessions, from our loved ones. Now, every last shred of us is worth something to someone. Everything's rare so you gotta pay with something personal. And we're all trading up for the most valuable thing there is, access.

Dr. Klimpt