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When it's revealed that Stan and Mr. Mackey have a hoarding problem, they go for an Inception-style treatment from Dr. Chinstrap.  They end up getting trapped in Mr. Mackey's subconscious of a dream when he gets picked up on by bullies during a field trip.  The Inception guys arrive, but it's Freddy Kruger that needs to save the day.

South Park
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South Park Season 14 Episode 10 Quotes

Butterflies have no concern for such things. Now I'm gonna go find myself some butterfly poon.


Herder: I'm a sheep herder.
Dr. Chinstrap: It's pronounced hoarder and yes you are.
Herder: I'm actually herding sheep.
Dr. Chinstrap: Yes, you are hurting sheep by hoarding them. It's good you realize that.