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Janice leads a meeting on what they know about the serial killer they're tracking. 

The killer has targeted and begun stalking a new victim. 

Trent is skeptical that they even have a serial killer on their hands. Amanda says she needs more evidence.

Beth returns to work and Jack wants to clear the air about their kiss. 

Ben's back at work as well, though he has to take it easy. 

Vicki is investigating her ex-husband, Will, and goes to talk to Stan in prison. He tells her that Will stalked and killed his wife.

The killer stabs and kills the girl he was stalking. 

Beth and the team examine the crime scene. Trent is on board with the serial killer theory.

Jack questions the victim's ex-husband. He tells him that they were poly amorous with another woman, Eva. He admits to attending meetings for sex addiction.

Janice talks to Eva about her relationship with Brian and Christine. Eva tells Janice that Brian's friend Jamie was obsessed with him.

Jack and Vicki attend the sex addiction meeting and spot Vicki's ex-husband. Vicki questions him and he insists he didn't kill Sharon.

Jack and Beth question Jamie who says he was with Nathan. Beth and Janice question Nathan and realize one of them is lying. 

Jamie attacks Eva and Jack arrests him. Vicki thinks Jamie is being set up.

The killer attacks Vicki in her home and she knocks him out. She takes the mask off of him and it's Nathan. He wakes up and comes at her again, but Will is there to help fight him off and kill him. 

Will comes to Vicki's and she realizes he did kill Sharon. and he pulls a gun on her. 


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Stalker Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Jack: I ran because I kissed my boss, it was awkward.
Beth: Yeah, now we're at work talking about it, more awkward.

I just need more evidence if I'm going to accuse my ex-husband of murder.