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Beth's friend ends up seeing Perry. Perry is digging for information about Beth's background to use it to his advantage and get revenge on her for attacking him. He finds out she was the victim of a stalker in the past. Upon investigating, he uncovers that she didn't exist before joining the academy. He has his private investigator continue digging. He draws several graphic novel pictures of his encounters with her, before putting up a final one of him killing her.

The stalker this week preys on his victims phobias. His first victim is afraid of the dark, so he takes all of her light bulbs out and re arranges her house to make her feel lost in her own home. His second victim is terrorized by snakes, and the third was put in a bath and weighed down.

We find out that all the girls had been in contact with him on an online dating website. He has a different alias on every different site. He had a girlfriend who fled to high rise apartments, as he is scared of heights. Jack uses this to his advantage to find out where the final victim is. 

Jack sleeps with Janice.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Most people are guarded from their fears.


Are you afraid of the dark?