Face to Face - Stargirl
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Barbara learns about Courtney and Pat's involvement in the new Justice Society.

Barbara is angry at Pat for not telling her the truth and makes plans for her and Courtney to leave Blue Valley.

Pat visits Barbara at work to apologize and the pair are greeted by Icicle and his parents who have stopped by to thank Barbara for dinner.

Barbara records them talking about Project New America in Norwegian and asks Pat about what's going on.

Brainwave wakes up from his coma but has retrograde amnesia and can't remember anything before his wife Mary died.

Henry then learns that Mary was Starman's sister and believes that Icicle was responsible for her death.

In addition, he fears that Icicle will further corrupt Brainwave, prompting him to align with Courtney and the new Justice Society of America.

The new JSA and Henry go down to the tunnels to rescue Brainwave and retrieve the Cosmic Staff, which Icicle took possession of.

Courtney, Yolanda, and Henry find the Cosmic Staff and Brainwave, and they have to fight Dr. Ito and his henchmen.

Henry realizes his father cannot be saved as Brainwave's memory has been restored and leaves with Courtney and Yolanda.

They meet up with Rick and Beth, who happened up a caged Solomon Grundy, and try to escape.

They run into Brainwave, who reveals he was responsible for Mary's death, not Icicle.

Henry refuses to join him, and Brainwave kills him.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Rick: Wait to go, Court. You’ve just given away our identities to the enemy.
Courtney: Henry’s not the enemy.
Yolanda: Yes, he is.
Henry: Look, if it helps, she didn’t tell me anything. I read her mind.
Courtney: Which he’s not going to do anymore.
Beth: That’s only polite.

Henry: Dad, listen to me. I know what these powers did to you: How they warped what you believe in. But people aren’t monsters. I don’t want to fight you. I love you.
Brainwave: And I love you. Let me train you. The power, Henry, you have no idea.
Henry: No, you’re better than this. Mom knew you could be good. She believed in you. I know you loved her, and I know Jordan killed her because she saw the good in you too.
Brainwave: Junior, Jordan didn’t kill your mother. I did.
Henry: You?
Brainwave: I had to make a choice. Don’t make me choose again son. Stand by my side or not at all.
Henry: I will never stand by your side.
Brainwave: Good-bye son.