Backlash - Stargirl
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After the fight, Henry returns home and watches videos Brainwave recorded documenting his experiment.

As he watches the videos, Henry gets better at controlling his power.

He then hears Brainwave's thoughts and visits his comatose father in the hospital.

Later in the episode, a man posing as a lawyer tries to take Brainwave off life support, but Henry realizes the man is a fraud.

Henry kills the man, and Brainwave waskes up.

Elsewhere, Courtney decides to recruit Henry and talks to Pat, Yolanda, Rick, and Beth about her idea.

Yolanda and Rick have reservations, but Courtney proceeds anyway.

She talks with Henry at the hospital and tries to convince him that there are still good people in this world.

Meanwhile, Barbara invites Jordan Mahkent and his family over for dinner.

Things are going well until Courtney discovers Jordan is really Icicle.

After dinner, Courtney wants to go after Icicle, and Pat tries to stop her.

As Courtney and Pat talk in the basement, Barbara walks in and sees the Cosmic Staff.

Lastly, Dr. Ito reveals to the Injustice Society they no longer need for Brainwave to wake up as Henry has inherited his father's abilities.

Dr. Ito says the machine will be ready in one week and allow the ISA to control six states, thus creating a new America.

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