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Sullivan adjusts to live as a probie at Station 19 but finds himself at odds with Dean.

Dean explains that Sullivan's actions confirmed negative stereotypes about Black people and makes it harder for Black firefighters to achieve higher ranks.

Sullivan counters that Dean isn't taking his addiction into consideration and reminds Dean of his cushy upbringing.

Ben and Vic weigh in on the argument.

Ben says Dean should cut Sullivan some slack, while Vic says Dean should prove Sullivan wrong by becoming the next Black battalion chief.

Andy sides with Sullivan, but he later concedes that Dean was right. 

Andy tells him he can only change what he does from now on.

Marsha gets COVID-19, and Jack, Marcus, and Inara test negative.

Emmett works at the testing site and talks to Jack about his relationship with his ex.

Later, Inara freaks out about what'll happen to her and Marcus if Marsha dies, and Jack offers to move in.

Maya worries about being like her father, and Andy reassures she is not.

Travis continues to fret about his father and later tells his dad that he knows his dad is gay.

Vic meets a fellow firefighter named Theo during her runs.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

If I went to church, and I talked about the deep love that I have for my husband and the profound ways that he changed me and my life and my heart. If I admit all that, and I don’t repent, well, I’m not going to heaven, right? I get to go to hell. I get to go to hell for who and how I love. That’s what my dad’s up against. That’s what he’s buying into.


Andy: How am I supposed to stay away from you when I have to watch you rescue kittens and children every day?
Sullivan: We keep it professional, shop talk.
Andy: Oh, shop talk is how we ended up married.
Sullivan: Just two more months.
Andy: Just two more months, huh?