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Benvolio and Lord Montague talk about love and lust and how the marriage of their families is beneficial for the Montagues.

Livia talks to Rosaline about her impending marriage to Benvolio. Rosaline has no interest in marrying the man and tells Livia so.

Princess Isabella visits Rosaline. Isabella tells Rosaline he doesn't agree with Escalus' decision but she has no choice. Then Isabella invites her to a dinner where she might be able to talk to Escalus and talk him out of forcing the marriage.

Benvolio stops a thief from stealing from an architect. He's creating a Capulet Cathedral. Turns out Benvolio paid off the thief so he could talk to the artist and learn information about why the Capulets have stopped building.

Benvolio meets Lord Montague with the information he found out from the architect. Lord Montague invites Benvolio to the dinner later.

Livia is working with the nurse to take care of Count Paris. She cauterizes his wound.

Rosaline is watching Escalus when Benvolio comes up to her. They share a few quips about not wanting to be together. Then, they sit for dinner and are across from each other.

Lord Montague announces that Benvolio and Rosaline will marry. He wants them to marry in the Capulet Cathedral. Lord Capulet is on the spot. Then an argument begins between all the families before Escalus stabs one of the starts in the hand to get everyone's attention. He's not kidding about the marriage and he wants it at the Capulet Cathedral.

Lady Capulet visits Juliet. Friar Lawrence is there. The Lady asks questions including if he knew Juliet. The Friar denies it. Then she questions if it was someone else who convinced her to do what she did.

Livia is tending to Paris when he finally wakes up. He realizes she saved his life. 

Isabella takes Rosaline to see Escalus. She tries to convince him not to force her to marry Benvolio but he won't hear of it. He needs to show power and that is for the good of Verona. He tells her he loves her and then changes his mind about forcing her to marry Benvolio. They kiss and express their love for each other. He wants her to stay and talk. He tells her they are going to be married and will announce it in the morning.

Lord Capulet talks to the architect about finishing the Cathedral for the wedding. The architect says he won't take the blame for not building the cathedral because Capulet has no money. Then Capulet throws the architect over the edge of the scaffolding, killing him.

A mysterious caped man dismembers Romeo's body in the crypt. 

Lady Capulet tears apart Rosaline's room looking for something to implicate her in Juliet's death. She believes Rosaline had something to do with it.

A member of Escalus's team wakes him to tell him what happened to Romeo's body. They are fearful of the consequences so Escalus tells the page to put the body together and make it look like it never happened.

Rosaline wakes up in Escalus' bed. She wants to know who's going to tell Lord Capulet about their marriage. Escalus tells her he's changing the story. He's going to tell everyone that she spent the night with Isabella. He's not going to marry her now. He wants her to marry Benvolio. He changed his mind because what happened to Romeo.

Prince Escalus and Isabella arrive to watch a beheading of three men who have been accused of murder. Two are Montagues. One is a Capulet. The mother of one of the men begs Escalus not to do it, but Escalus allows it to happen anyway.




Still Star-Crossed
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