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Cameron is attempting to visit his father in jail, but he doesn't want to see him. He shares his experience with Kirsten as they paint over the equations in her room. He's not sure why he felt the need to visit his father after all these years. Maggie calls the team to the lab. A guard at the jail has been murdered and Cameron's father killed him. He claims it was self-defense and Maggie pulled strings to get the body to the lab. When Kirsten stitches into the guard, she learns they were friends. She also confirms Miller's story that he killed him in self-defense.

Since his father still won't see him, Cameron poses as his lawyer to get access to him. Through flashbacks, we see Cameron as a kid, watching as his father was arrested. At the time, he wore a Batman shirt. The agent arresting Miller called Cameron "Bruce" as in Bruce Wayne. After a series of dead ends, and a second stitch, Cameron realizes the person trying to kill his father was the agent who had arrested him. Maggie figures out he stole the money, and blackmailed Miller into keeping quiet in order to protect Cameron. Cameron and his father inch toward reconciliation. 

Linus and Camille also had flashbacks throughout the hour. Both of them were friendless kids who didn't fit in. Linus remembers his dad trying to reach him, and all he wanted was a friend. Meanwhile, Camille conned people for money while also helping her big brother out of trouble with the law. Camille's past made her nervous around Amanda, and after pushing her girlfriend away, Camille picked a fight with Kirsten over Ivy.

Linus had also been trying to get ahold of Ivy. It turns out, she's been talking to Stinger. Not only that, Ivy is the one who created the Cameron anomaly in the stitch. Her father insisted that she couldn't trust her friends even as Ivy tried to get him to leave. 

Meanwhile, Cameron told Maggie about Kirsten visiting her mother. When Kirsten realized her mother had been moved, Cameron confessed the truth. Kirsten was heartbroken by his betrayal, and turned to her sister for comfort. 

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Maggie: We have a new case that requires us to break protocol.
Camille: Oh, good. We haven't pissed off the NSA in hours.

Kirsten: I didn't even know you went to see him. It's been what, thirteen years?
Cameron: Fourteen.
Kirsten: So why now?
Cameron: I don't know. I guess Linus' father dying affected me more than I realized. Or my feelings for you are making me want to reach out to my family.
Kirsten: That's sweet.
Cameron: Not so sweet that he wanted to see me.