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Mike bails out Trevor when he jumps a Port Authority fence in a drunken stupor, setting Mike between Trevor and the people he owes almost $50,000. The predicament forces Harvey to help Trevor out on Mike’s behalf, despite his strong objections to the maintenance of Mike’s relationship with him. With the duos help, Trevor’s debt is settled and Mike sends him to Montana to lay low.

A fender-bender results in a lawsuit in which Harvey’s long time driver was involved while both Harvey and Mike were in the car. He represents both Rahim and himself in the lawsuit, which Harvey wins when the cab driver finally admits he ran the red light at which the crash occurred.

In the meantime, both Mike and Harvey attempted to close a deal with a longtime client’s toy company, hoping to keep her in charge of the company rather than selling it.

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Suits Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't have to overturn awards like that because I never lost one in the first place.

Harvey [to Louis]

You look like Gordon Gecko's little brother. You working on Wall Street now?