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Gibbs tries to turn up the heat on Rachel, as she practically forces her into a car to speak about how she can help herself and Mike. 

Rachel gives as good as she gets, but Gibbs gives her a lot to think about. 

Someone runs an article about the firm and it leads to Sheila sending over the worst college applicants ever. Jessica decides they should open their doors up and hire out with Harvard, but Louis is very much against this. 

Mike goes to visit Scottie to try bring her into the fold, but she is shocked because she think it's Harvey coming in to visit her and flips with him. She blames him for ruining her relationship with Harvey, but Mike talks her round to visit him. 

When she's leaving, she pulls Rachel aside and asks her if she can live with Mike never being able to practice law again, while watching her doing it. It's clear this gives Rachel food for thought as she begins to evaluate everything. 

Jack helps Jessica and she decides that he could be a potential candidate to be promoted when he tells her the truth about what's really been going on with him. 

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Suits Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Jessica: Our clients are being circled. Our reputation's getting tanked.
Harvey: And Mike Ross is facing prison.

Mike: Rachel just got picked up by Gibbs.
Harvey: She arrested her?