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Harvey tells Dr. Agard about the time he caught his mother cheating when he was a kid.

When Gretchen asks about a permanently blocked out date on Harvey's calendar, he attempts to get back on good terms with Donna on their anniversary. 

Hardman shows up in the city, and Jessica accuses him of coming after her firm again.

In an effort to find out how deep Hardman and Soloff's alliance goes, Jessica demands that Mike work with Jack Soloff on a new case.

Esther returns to ask Harvey for legal help, but he sends her to Louis instead. She wants to settle, but Louis thinks they should fight. 

Rachel offers her help to Louis, and she finds out that Esther's lawsuit is going to go public the second they make an offer.

Mike agrees to work with Soloff under the condition that he takes the lead, but Jack immediately goes against him during negotiations.

At Harvey and Donna's dinner, Donna reveals that she's been seeing a man named, Mitchell for 6 weeks. She confronts him about sleeping with Esther and warns him to tell Louis sooner rather than later. Harvey tells her to mind her own business.

Soloff proves he's on Mike's side when he tempts their defendants into destroying evidence in order to press criminal charges. He and Mike have an honest talk about office politics, and Mike decides to give him another chance.

Angry about Louis' tactics in her suit, Esther reveals that she went to Harvey for help before him. They reconcile and agree to work the case together. Esther apologizes and acknowledges that Louis is a great lawyer. 

Mike and Jack win their case, and Jack reveals that he only went after Harvey because everything seemed to be handed to him so easily, while Jack was forced to work hard with no reward for 20 years. 

Harvey and Donna get in another fight about Esther, and Dr. Agard likens Harvey's secret from Louis to Harvey's mother's affair. 

Jack tries to tell Hardman he won't work for him, but Hardman riles him up. 

Mike's friendship with Soloff pays off when Jack puts him up for Junior partner, but Jessica orders him to decline the offer because of his fraudulent background. 

Esther asks Harvey out, but he turns her down. Louis finds out about their tryst and confronts Harvey. During Louis' rant, Harvey gets punches him, and Louis gets knocked through a glass table. 

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Suits Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Mike: Jessica no you can't make me work with that man.
Jessica: Oh, I can make you work with the goddamn window washers if I want to. And if you don't do this, you might find yourself dangling 50 stories above the ground.

Louis doesn't do anything quietly.