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Louis threatens to sue Harvey, and Donna tries to talk him out of him.

Mike tells Rachel that he can't accept the nomination for Junior Partner, and she urges him to fight for it. Instead, Mike decides to toe Jessica's line.

Jessica orders Harvey to take a vacation to keep Louis from calling for a suspension and then confronts Soloff about Mike's nomination. 

Out of nowhere, Jessica agrees to let Mike be a junior partner and gives him a new case. 

Dr. Agard suggests that Harvey apologize for lashing out at Louis.

Mike's new case turns out to be against his old flame, Claire, who knows he never went to law school. He has Rachel lie for him to keep Claire in the dark.

Harvey apologizes to Louis and opens up about his panic attacks. They reconcile, and Louis tells him to come back to work.

At the partner meeting, everyone votes in favor of Mike's partnership, but Louis drops a bomb on Harvey and moves for his suspension despite their talk. Soloff comes to the rescue, reminding Louis that the partners have to vote on the suspension after they investigate, giving Harvey a few days to swing things in his favor.

Donna confronts Louis about the fight, but he won't tell her what he said to Harvey.

Harvey thanks Jack for standing up for him, and Jack tells him the only way this vote will go well if he humbles himself in front of the partners.

Rachel and Claire work together to find a good solution for their case.

Donna asks Harvey what Louis said to him, but he refuses to open up a second time. 

Hardman threatens Soloff with unknown leverage in order to get him to move against Jessica.

Rachel's solution ends up triggering a background check on everyone involved in the case, meaning Mike's secret will be out. They decide to take Mike's name off of the entire case to save him, but Claire notices the changes and figures out what's going on. 

She confronts Rachel about it, and Rachel begs her not to turn Mike in.

Donna finds Louis' recordings of his conversations with Harvey, and she threatens to quit if he uses them. 

Mike goes to Claire to thank her, and she tells him to break it off with Racehl to protect her from the blowback when his secret does eventually come out. 

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