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Gretchen played a prank on Louis by triple-starching his shirts, but Harvey tells her not to play anymore pranks on him as he only does that to people he has affection for. 

Jessica wants Harvey to make peace with Jack. 

Jessica is angry with Mike for going behind her back to Robert Zane, but she makes it clear to Robert that this is her case and things will be done her way. 

Louis tells Jack he wants out of his war with Harvey. 

Harvey makes a gesture with Jack by setting him up to play golf with Charles Barkley, but Jack's not interested in his peace offering. 

Harvey wants Mike to help him with Jack, but Mike leaves with Robert to meet a client. Mike uses his own childhood story to convince her to sign, earning Robert's respect. 

Jessica enlists Rachel's help with a speech for the first black female head of surgery in New York and invites her to come along. 

Harvey poaches Jack's client with the help of Charles Barkley. Jack complains to Jessica, but she backs Harvey. 

Mike is frustrated with Robert not treating him as a partner, but Rachel assures him that her father respects him. 

Jack tries to bring Lewis back to his side, but he refuses. Donna assures Louis she won't leave him. 

Harvey's anxiety gets to him and he has a panic attack. He recovers temporarily to save face with Jack and Mike agrees to help him. 

Harvey goes to his doctor's house to ask for more medication. She gets him to express his anger towards Donna. 

Mike uses his memory to win his motion, impressing Robert. 

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Suits Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Jessica: You came to me for some legal advice, now I'm coming to you for yours.
Rachel: Do I get to charge you for it?
Jessica: You already do, unless you suddenly started paying for law school out of your own pocket.
Rachel: Free of charge it is.

Harvey: For the time being, don't play anymore jokes on Louis.
Gretchen: Mind if I ask why?
Harvey: Because I only play jokes on people to express my affection for them, and right now I have no affection for Louis Litt.