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Mike comes up with a plan to represent himself. He plans to call Clifford Danner, an innocent man Mike helped get out of prison but finds out he was shot and killed. So Mike calls Gloria Danner, Clifford’s mother to the stand who says Mike Ross was the only attorney who gave a damn about her son and took his case. 

Rachel encourages Mike to tell the jury the story of his parent’s death in his closing arguments in order to get them on his side.

Louis calls Gretchen and asks her to pull strings to get the transcripts from Mike’s trial so he can figure out if they can possibly win. Louis fears that Mike representing himself means that Harvey thinks they’re going to lose.

Mike tells the jury in closing arguments that he feels like a fraud because he became a lawyer to help people and all he’s done is help people make money and that he will change that going forward.

Harvey and Jessica worry over the jury’s verdict and decide to come up with a reason for mistrial before the jury comes back. Harvey asks Jessica to ask a friend to get him the names of the jury members but Donna refuses, saying she won’t ask her friends to do something illegal to help. Louis tells Donna she should do it because they’re all going to go down if she doesn’t. She gets angry with him and storms out. 

Rachel gets upset when Mike would rather help a defendant, Mr. Diaz, in court than spend time with her before the jury comes back. Then she decides that they should spend their time helping the defendant together. 

Harvey blackmails David, the prosecution’s co-counsel whom Mike took his LSATS, and tells him to converse with one of the jurors when they break for lunch so that they can get a mistrial or Harvey will make sure that David loses his freedom. But David never goes forward with the deal.

Mike goes to Gibbs and offers to take a deal and never practice law again if she won’t pursue charges against the rest of his firm but she refuses. Louis panics and goes to Gibbs and offers his testimony in exchange for immunity but when she finds out he has no actual proof she turns him down. 

Louis tells Harvey he should turn himself in for putting everyone in this position. Harvey tells him that Louis could have turned them all in but instead he leveraged Mike’s secret to become a named partner. Turns out Louis was recording their entire conversation. He goes to Jessica to get him to make a deal with him but she tells Louis that Harvey will take a bullet for them and if Louis turns on him, he’s no better than Daniel Hardman or Charles Fortsman. When Gibbs calls Louis for the recording, he turns her down. 

Gibbs visits Mike at home and offers him two years in prison or no prison time if he gives up one of his partners. Rachel encourages him to wait for the jury’s verdict. 

The next day Mike represents Mr. Diaz when the prosecutor makes him a deal. If he testifies against his two friends, he’ll do no jail time. Mike reminds Diaz he’ll have to live with that but he jumps at the deal. He tells Mike that it doesn’t matter because if they find him guilty his friends will end up in jail anyway.

The call comes in that the jury will be back in an hour with the verdict. When Harvey can’t find Mike he realizes that he’s headed to Gibbs office to take a deal to protect them all. 


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Suits Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Harvey letting Mike take the reins is not him giving up, it's him growing up and realizing that he is not the one to bring this home.


I'm getting a little tired of people asking me if I care or not because I do, but not enough to push women and children aside to get on a lifeboat.