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Harvey wakes up from a dream that Donna is in bed with Travis Tanner, but he won't tell his therapist the details.

Mike and Harvey team up against Tanner in a new case, but Mike worries that with his recent panic attack, Harvey might not be in a good place for a rivalry match.

Louis tries to secretly repeal Harvey's compensation issue, but Jessica wants him to make it public. 

During mediation, Tanner promises that he's gone legit, but Harvey goes after his client anyway. 

Rachel helps Louis find a solution to his Soloff problem, while Tanner fights back against Harvey. 

When their client tells Mike and Harvey to win the case at any expense, Mike plans to bump into Tanner's client "accidentally" even though it's against the law. 

Louis stages a fake signing to convince Soloff that he's gotten a big new client who can make them money -- but only if they repeal the compensation amendment. 

Tanner's client tells Mike that a sexual harassment suit was her idea, not Tanner's, making Mike think Tanner might be sincere about turning over a new leaf. 

Soloff tricks Louis and his proposal backfires. 

Harvey files criminal charges, and Tanner retaliates by bringing up Donna's absence and Harvey's mother's infidelity. 

In therapy, Dr. Agard and Harvey play poker to prove who knows whose tells better. When Harvey wins, she tells him the worst mistake she's ever made as a therapist. She got someone killed when she lied about a patient's mental stability. 

Tanner makes one last plea to Mike, who tells him that if he's a changed man, he'll pass the case off in order to save his client since Harvey's fight is with him, not the case.

Louis admits to Jessica that he was the one leave Harvey's paystubs in the copy machine. Jessica uses his admission to force Jack's compliance.

Once Harvey learns Tanner is off the case, he agrees to take the deal. 

Harvey finally tells Dr. Agard about his Donna dream, but she tells him that she thinks the dream is about his mother.

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Suits Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Ever since the day I met you, all you've done is cross lines, and it starting with you ripping off cancer victims.


Mike: I'm just going to say it. Every time we go up against Tanner, it gets brutal. You just had a panic attack the other day, so are you sure this is really what you need right now.
Harvey: It's exactly what I need right now.