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Louis struggled with what to do when it emerged that Sheila wanted him to have a burner phone and be on call for her to have sex with him whenever she wanted. 

Louis ultimately decided to give the phone back and said that he wanted nothing more to do with her if she was not going to leave her fiance. 

In the end, he went running back to Sheila when he fully embraced being the bad guy. 

Harvey was asked by Jessica to give him $2 million in an untraceable account, and he agreed but he had to turn to Vik for some money from his father's old music collection. 

It turned out that the music was not worth as much anymore, but he managed to get all of the money. 

Mike and Rachel joined forces to take down Oliver when it emerged that he was trying to use Michael's tactics against him.

Mike managed to get some help from Rachel, and won the case. 

Oliver apologized at the close of the hour, and he and Mike made things right. 


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Suits Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Louis: What is it, Gretchen?
Gretchen: If you wanted to do some digging Louis, I could have brought you a shovel.

I need $2 million in an untraceable account.