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Rachel takes her dad to Harvey's house about her wedding.

Louis wants Stephanie back NOW. No real reason why.

Harvey gives Mike a new pro-bono case to ensure there isn't any bad blood between him and Alex. Mike assures him there isn't a problem.

Donna is waiting for Harvey in his office. She has issues with Louis. She thinks neither Harvey nor Louis should be managing partner the way things are going because Louis is out of his damned mind and nobody is doing anything about it.

Harvey is back in Chicago with Jessica. He's not speaking with his girlfriend anymore, so they're keeping Jessica on the show with Harvey flying back and forth to Chicago every episode.

All Jessica did was say 30 seconds of stuff and they ate lunch.

Rachel talks to Mike about the Plaza and Harvey's place. She wants a different venue. The Plaza. And she has an appointment with the wedding planner.

She didn't tell him in advance about the meeting and hoped he would be there. Which is stupid as hell. Don't they have synced characters?

Mike blatantly goes against Harvey's wishes when he speaks to Oliver in court.

Bratton is ready to poach a client and Harvey is on his way to Louis. Louis is being an asshole, as usual.

Harvey strikes back at Louis. Bratton has someone inside the firm giving Bratton information. Louis assumes it's Alex and says he'd fire him if he could.

While Harvey's in court defending his past patent registrations on behalf of his client, Louis is talking with his client who hasn't felt supported lately.

Mike jumps in on Harvey's support case and Alex into the conference room. They both go to bat for their coworkers with good results.

Louis takes Alex to dinner. Alex said he doesn't care how Louis behaved because they're all in the same boat now.

Donna thinks Stephanie is the person who is giving Bratton inside information and wants Rachel to be the person who goes to see her.

Harvey and Louis make a decision.

Rachel goes to Stephanie. She claims she isn't the mole. Of course, she's lied before.

Mike leaves the office to find Oliver waiting with a fantastic number for Reyes. Too good. He thinks Oliver should knock down doors to find more victims. Oliver thinks Mike has to do it himself.

Rachel calls Donna with the bad news it wasn't Stephanie and yes, she's at the Plaza.

Tom Bratton wants his clients and $30 million billables back. The dude says he's five times as big as Pearson Specter Litt, which is why his stuff doesn't fly. $30 million in billables isn't enough to go to this kind of war.

Harvey wants to use Robert to pretend he's merging with Rachel's father.

Alex suggests they just give Bratton what they want. So what? Just give his clients away and fire him so he doesn't drag the firm down.

Meanwhile, the case with Reyes and Oliver is heating up, but Mike doesn't know he can take it back and it might be the one thing that will save Pearson Specter Litt.

Alex has something on Bratton that he takes to Harvey. He can take down Bratton.

Whatever Bratton's secret, Alex is prepared to tell it and expose himself.

Rachel and Mike care more about their work and each other than their wedding. They're going to crack open a bottle and pick a date, but maybe they aren't supposed to have a big wedding.

Rachel calls her dad and they chat about her wedding. She relays to him something Katrina told her. That he thinks Rachel is a great lawyer and he's proud of her.

Oliver can't get the resources for the case, so Mike decides he's in. He'll worry about Harvey.

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Suits Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Harvey: Mike, seriously. I thought you were busy with that pro-bono.
Mike: I am. Donna said you needed my help, so I gave it to you.
Harvey: Thanks, Robin.
Mike: Aww. You're welcome, Batman.

Harvey: When, exactly, do you think I'm going to stop coming to you with this stuff?
Jessica: Truth is, you don't need to talk with me about this stuff anymore. You just do it 'cause you miss me.