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Mike continued to lie to Harvey about his involvement in the case, and spends time at the clinic. 

Rachel is forced to lie about all of it, and Harvey puts two and two together when he hears about someone dealing with a prison case. 

He visits Oscar and gets the confirmation he needs to confront Mike after Donna finds out Mike visited Frank. 

In the court room, Alex appears and says that Mike was working the case -- even though Mike had just ditched it. 

The judge throws the case out and Oscar is left reeling. 

Harvey then quizzes Alex about why he is so into the case. 

Donna is shocked to learn the truth about Paula and Harvey, so she lies that she already figured it out. 

She later opened up about not knowing and that she was shocked about all of it. 

Rachel was forced to present Mike with an ultimatum when he continued to work the case, and he eventually chose to side with his woman. 

Louis was being slapped with a lawsuit for sexual harassment, but Brian tells Louis the best thing to do is to apologize and it will be okay. 

He apologizes and Stephanie opens up about being alone. She drops the case. 


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Suits Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Rachel: You're just going to live a life of keeping secrets again?
Mike: No, this is not the same as me being a fraud.

I had to lie to Harvey's god damn face. I wanna hear that you're dropping this thing.