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Paula and Harvey were in good spirits until Harvey's mom said that Paula was the one who urged them to make things right. 

However, Donna was the one who did so, and Paula decided that she could not be with Harvey if Donna was still sticking around. 

Harvey geared up to get rid of Donna, but she handed in her notice after learning that Paula did not trust her to be there. 

Ultimately, Harvey decided to end things with Paula because they were going in circles, and it was just causing more problems. 

Donna decided to return after Harvey grilled her about it. 

Meanwhile, Louis and Sheila continued to roleplay, but things took a turn when Louis heard Xander and Sheila talking about him. 

Also, Mike and Rachel decided that maybe moving away from New York City would benefit their relationship after getting married. 

Mike said he wanted to go to San Diego, but Rachel wanted to go to Iceland, and it seemed like they agreed on it. 

Rachel handed out the invites for her wedding and wondered whether to give Louis a plus-one. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Harvey: Paula, I know the last few days have been rough, but I promise you I’m not going to keep things from you any longer.
Paula: Thank you, Harvey.

Louis: I know someone’s there. You should know I’m armed and dangerous, so get out now while you still can. This is your last chance. I have a gun, and I know how to use it.
Sheila: Good, but that’s not the gun I’m here for. So you better be locked and loaded because you’re only choice now is to fill me with lead.
Louis: Oh my god, this is so hot.
Sheila: Louis, stay in character. I’m the burglar. You’re about to be stripped clean.
Louis: Yeah, I am. What are you going to make off with ya thief? My money, my bonds, my jewels?
Sheila: Oh, I’m after your jewels, and it looks like found them.
Louis: Holy shit, Sheila … I can’t help it; I love it when you …
Sheila: Uh uh uh! Rule 29 … no L word.
Louis: I wasn’t using it.
Sheila: We were very clear on the rules, Louis, we wrote the Bill of Badness. It outlined your rights, and you signed it.
Louis: I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.
Sheila: It’s okay, but do it again, and next time we play Prisoner Guard.
Louis: Well, then I will do it again.
Sheila: Good, because I already got my taser.