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Louis goes into the office and is shocked to be greeted by assistants who shame him for sleeping with Sheila. He quickly realizes it is a vision and tells Gretchen to take Game of Thrones off his to-do list. 

He goes on a case with Brian and the man trashes Brian's parenting skills. Brian later files a motion, but he says the product is inferior, so it gives Hank the leverage to countersue PSL. 

It later emerges that Hank is Shiela's husband-to-be. This, in turn sets Louis up for failure but Gretchen gets Brian to find another way. 

He does and they manage to win the case, so Louis returns to his home to help look after the child. 

Harvey is shocked when a man from his past shows up to threaten him and Donna. They worked with him 12 years prior and he manages to subpoena Donna. 

Rachel works with her father on a case that involves them finding out the truth about a company lending people the wrong money. 

It turns out, Robert's family member knows the CEO and he caused her death, so he was inspired by Mike putting his job on the line for the truth. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Assistant: Homewrecker?
Louis: What?
Assistant: I said shame.

Now let's go tell these assholes if they think they are going to rip our nipples off without a fight, they got another thing coming.