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Harvey shows up at his old therapist's home and asks her on a date. He tells her three weeks had passed and that they could now legally date. 

She agreed to a date. 

Harvey then met up with Mike and they chatted about working together on one last case before going off and doing their own. They worked with one of the investors and wound up on a case about someone stealing a vodka recipe. 

In the end, Harvey found out Neil was trying to rush through the sale as someone was about to sue him for stealing the recipe. 

Donna asked Harvey to become a partner at the firm, but he sort of brushed it off, causing more friction between the friends. In the end, he agreed to her demands and she became equal with him and Louis. 

Louis struggled to come to terms with Tara dumping him and took it out on the new associates. Rachel stepped in and tried to help him, but he bit her head off. 

She turned to Donna, who gave her the go-ahead to take on the new associates. Louis decided he would get closure with Tara before deciding his next move. 

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Suits Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Therapist: Harvey... what you doing here?
Harvey: Nothing, I was just driving this baby around and remembered how much street parking I had.
Therapist: Is that supposed to impress me?
Harvey: Well, I hope so. It sure as hell impresses me.

Nathan: Good. You're here early. I need you to take point in a consumer fraud hearing.
Mike: Nathan, I need to talk to you.
Nathan: Look, I know things got heated between us the other night, but as far as I'm concerned, it's water under the bridge. So, if you're wondering if I'm still upset at you, I'm not.