On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2, Sam, Bobby, and Mary are convinced they have discovered a new lead on Dean's whereabouts but are surprised by what they find.

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When you watch Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2 online you'll realize how important it is to not take the bait. Sam, Bobby, and Mary get a lead on bodies coming up without their eyes in Duluth. Sam is convinced Dean must be in Duluth and the group heads out there. While investigating at the morgue Sam realizes the bodies aren't human but are actually vampires. Sam calls up Castiel and tells him the news and Castiel is confused by why Michael was going after monsters. While at the morgue a woman named Lydia comes in to see if she recognizes one of the bodies but quickly leaves. They are able to track her down through his license plate and find out she was one of Michael's prisoners. She tells the group he was experimenting on the vampires but she wasn't sure what Michael was doing. Lydia gives the group the address of where she was being kept and they go to explore it. Unfortunately, they quickly find out they were led into a trap and werewolves pop out to attack them. Unfortunately, the silver isn't working on the werewolves and the group can't understand why. Want to see the exciting reason? Go watch Supernatural online now via TV Fanatic to see.

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On Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2, Sam, Mary, and Bobby head off to investigate when they believe they've discovered a new lead on Dean's whereabouts.

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2 Quotes

Who goes to Duluth in October? You sure Michael didn't touch down in Orlando?


A little of this, a little of that and yes, good boy. Hmm. Too much that. Disappointing.