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The prospect of dual tribal councils laid out during the first challenge was just another twist in a season full of them on Survivor: Nicaragua.  Both the La Flor tribe and Espada tribe participated in identical challenges divided by tribe to determine individual immunity.  The castaways had to dig up three rope rings with an oar and flip them into a container on their back before running them back to the finish line. 

The individual immunity winners from each tribe then competed against each other to win reward for their tribe.  Espada’s winner, Holly, competed against Jill from La Flor in a rope ring toss challenge.  Holly started out with an early lead, but Jill railed and got all three of her rope rings on the target before Holly did.  La Flor’s reward?  They would go to tribal council first and then enjoy a feast while watching Espada at tribal council.

Although Jill won the reward portion of the challenge for La Flor, the fact that she won immunity wasn’t worth it to Brenda and the numbers dominant younger players.  Hoping to split the vote three for Marty and three of Jill in order to flush out Marty’s immunity idol, their plan had to be altered with Jill’s victory.  Brenda and Sash came up with a plan to split the vote between Marty and Kelly B, but told Kelly B, Marty and Jill that they were voting for Jane. 

Hoping to get Marty to use his idol, Brenda’s plan back fired when Marty boldly kept the idol in his pocket.  The vote came down as three for Kelly B, three for Marty and two for Brenda.  Theoretically the revote should be five to one against Marty, Kelly B was shocked once again when the revote was five to one against her.

For Espada, there was far less backstabbing and conniving and the vote came down to eliminating Dan or Yve.  While Dan would have seemed to be the more logical choice because his interest in being in the game was waning and he struggled at challenges, his lack of enthusiasm worked to his advantage.  Knowing Dan would not be a threat in individual immunity challenges but that Yve would fight to stay in the game, Espada chose to get rid of the more dangerous player, Yve.

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