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The vote to send Papa Bear to Redemption Island seemed like an easy one for Savaii, but Jim is uneasy with his alliance the next morning.  Cochran would be the next person to go home on the Savaii tribe, but Jim sees him as an opportunity to break up the Ozzy/Elyse twosome that is developing.  He confides in Cochran a plan to get rid of Elyse to reduce Ozzy’s power a bit.  Cochran is more than happy to go along: as long as it isn’t him going home.

At Redemption Island Papa Bear pulls no punches when he tells the Upolu tribe that he will gladly join up with them if he gets back in the game.  Brandon astutely asserts that Christine would probably do the same if she gets back, flipping to the Savaii tribe.  Unfortunately for Upolu, Christine defeats Papa Bear in a bag tossing challenge and lives on to see another dual.

Back at the Upolu camp, Edna is reeling from Brandon’s comment to her that she’s not really part of the alliance at Upolu.  Recognizing the importance of being social to the game, Edna goes out of her way to chat up anyone and everyone that will engage her.  Her efforts backfire, however, as both Mikayla and Stacey bristles at her constant talking and questioning.

This week’s immunity challenge brought back a Survivor classic.  Three contestants per tribe have bars across their shoulders that the opposing teams get to add twenty pounds to per turn.  With 200 pounds on his shoulders, Keith is out first from the Savaii tribe.  Albert loses his balance and drops out shortly after Keith.  Brandon and Jim both set Survivor records with 240 pounds, but each are overcome by the weight.  Ultimately Dawn outlasts Stacey at 140 pounds to give Savaii the victory.

At the Upolu camp that day both Stacey and Edna are feeling the pressure of potentially being sent home.  Part of Edna wants to believe in her alleged alliance, but the other part struggles to get past what Brandon told her.  Stacey, meanwhile, digs her own grave by feeding Brandon false information about Mikayla, Albert and Sophie.  This deception is the nail in the coffin for Stacey who is sent to Redemption Island.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 4 Quotes

Does [Edna] have an off switch? I don't think she has an off switch. She needs to be disconnected.


It's easier to believe a lie sometimes than it is to accept the truth.