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Even though Cochran’s ouster had reduced Upolu down to its original six, all was not peaceful back at the Te Tuna camp.  Brandon had spelled things out for everyone, indicating that after Cochran, Edna was being voted out next.  Feeling betrayed and duped, Edna lets her feelings known to the rest of the tribe both as a group and to individuals.

Prior to the duel at Redemption Island the survivors are shown a quick video from their loved ones.  After the duel, they’re told the winner will select three people who will get to spend times with their loved ones.  Ozzy narrowly defeats Cochran at the table maze challenge and then selects Albert, Coach and Brandon to spend time with their loved ones at his home, Redemption Island.

While hosting Coach, Albert, Brandon at his Redemption Island home, Ozzy is approached by Coach about a plan for the finals.  Coach confides in Ozzy that if he makes it back to the game, Coach wants to go to the finals with Ozzy and another, unnamed player.  Having little to lose, Ozzy easily agrees to the deal.

Meanwhile, Brandon has a discussion with his father, Sean Hantz (Russell’s brother) about how he’s playing the game.  Sean is dismayed to learn that his son is so focused on being a Christian man that he’s not worried about actually winning the game.  Sean does his best to get involved and turn around Brandon’s thought process by telling Coach that Brandon will be subservient to him.

For the immunity challenge the six remaining players are placed on a hex grid with the goal of staying alive.  When a player moves on to a tile, they must flip the tile over and it can no longer be stood on.  Quickly Brandon moves at Edna with the sole goal of taking up her space.  He gets eliminated first, but accomplishes his goal of preventing her from winning, something he vocalizes.  The strategy allows Coach to win, but costs Brandon significant social points.

Back at camp Brandon’s faux pax does not sit well with the tribe.  Edna tries to capitalize on the misstep, but ultimately the original Upolu five stick together and send a teary Edna to Redemption Island.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 12 Quotes

I feel like Upolu used me. I drank the cool aid.


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