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The eleventh episode of Survivor: One World starts with emotional messages from the remaining survivors loved ones via a cellphone.  The survivors learn that their loved ones are on the island and will be competing with them in the reward challenge. The survivor/loved one duo has to navigate themselves along a winding rope path while connected to the rope.  Kim and her sister are neck and neck with Kat and her cousin the entire way, but Kat pulls out the victory by a nose.

Winning the challenge allows Kat to spend time with her cousin away from the game at a picnic lunch.  Kat is also told she can take two other duos with her and choses Kim, Alicia and their loved ones.  While Kat makes the decision based on fun and friendship, may of the other survivors are shocked at her selfishness.  Both Tarzan and Christina had far more powerful reasons to spend time with their loved ones than Kim and Alicia.

Following the reward challenge is a difficult immunity challenge which makes the survivors hold on to a bar behind them when they are slowly dipped closer to the water.  Sabrina and Tarzan drop out early and Christina, Alicia and Chelsea do not last much longer.  Kat gives the challenge her all attempting to dethrone Kim, but is unable to hang on long enough.  A frustrated Kat can’t bring herself to congratulate Kim on another immunity victory.

Back at camp Kat’s antics over the course of the past few days are starting to aggravate the remaining survivors.  Chelsea is upset with Kat not taking Christina and Tarzan on the reward while Alicia is suddenly concerned that Kat is a threat to win challenges and thus the game.  Although Kim is far more concerned with Sabrina, she ultimately relents to the group and Kat is stunned to be sent home at tribal council.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm at the top controlling everything. I'm the most powerful player in this game.


Tribal tonight proved tonight how dumb Christina is.